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The SSO Proxy server is soon to be retired by Microsoft, itslearning has developed a new IDP solution which supersedes the SSO Proxy Server. Its Learning will be migrating your school's domains during the week working down the list alphabetically.

If you are accessing emails via the learning platform, you should not see any downtime and will continue to access emails as they were previously.

*********If, however you access emails via a mail client, you will need to either update the password or remove and re-add the profile**************

The password to be used for mail clients will be the itslearning password, I suggest you either follow the steps below to update the password in the mail client or alternatively set the itslearning password to be the same as your existing office 365 password. This should work in most cases.

Close Outlook.
Expand and 'Remove from vault' the stored Office365 credentials in control panel > Credential Manager.
Reload Outlook.
When prompted, input Office365 password.
Now connected!

The issues that have been seen so far are that the its learning account is being locked causing the Office 365 account to be suspended because the domain has been migrated and users have not updated their passwords. To prevent this happening in Central Bedfordshire, Its learning will be disabling the sync service after the migration, (the only downside to this is new its learning accounts will not have an email address created until the sync service is switched back on).

If you experience any issues please contact support on 0800 977 5714 or alternatively raise a ticket by sending an email to [email protected]

** This does not effect Willington Lower School **

24/11/2016 07:52

Office 365

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If you are about to log may find you suddenly have a brand new feature...Office 365!


Office 365! Its amazing! You get:

  • to use Word, Powerpoint and Excel free online (great for teachers and pupils ...oh and something called "closing gaps"!

  • an amazing email and calandar system based on hotmail - but with an education address

  • Cloud storage on a skydrive. No more memory sticks (that's why they are so cheap in the shops now!)

Teachers - you should see it right under inbox, pupils it may be there or your school may have blocked it ask as it is not just about email access.

06/03/2014 10:07

Your space not my space

What do you want to see in this space? Send in your stories and pictures showing how you and your school are using Its Learning.

Let's share some of the fantastic things that are going on out there! Ask your teacher to email the Administrator and I'll put it here for all the Bedford Schools to see. (They will find details on the Bedford Borough dashboard).

04/10/2013 09:07


A number of schools will experience problems with emails whilst the emails are migrated to Office 365. When Office 365 is available it will be awesome! Its Learning sent out the following email some while ago:

Dear Customer,
As you may be aware Microsoft are replacing the [email protected] email service and replacing it with a brand new offering called Office365. To make sure all of our existing [email protected] customers benefit from this new service we will be upgrading all accounts over the next 6 weeks.      

Initially the migration will provide the same functionality as your current [email protected] service but with an updated interface.  We estimate that some interruption will occur the week commencing Monday 5th August and during this time you will be unable to access your email for a couple of days.

Within 3 months of this initial migration the look and feel of Office365 will alter again, but unfortunately we are unable to estimate when this will happen.    

We are working closely with Microsoft over the coming months to provide the options of online office apps and cloud-based share point solutions.    

If you have any questions about the migration please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 262 3500.      

Kind regards  

Steve Charlton

UK Service Director

itslearning UK

0121 262 3500

28/08/2013 14:39

Summer Planning

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Ideas for your summer planning  excellent websites for you and your students - lots of teacher resources when you log in to help you plan.

  1. Gallery copyright free images:

  2. Myths and Legends– local storytelling – pupils can share online and peer review

  3. Try the story creator at

  4. MuseumBox – 3D story telling for any topic

  5. Cookit – excellent for any “process” or ”instructions” not just cooking – for example science experiments or PE Look at the recipe section, the  History Cookbook, try some of the Activities

  6. Victorian Crime and Punishment www.vcp.e2bn.orgView a case study, search the database for, find out about crime and punishment in Victorian times

  7. The Abolition Project Use the tabs at the top to find out about slavery and the abolition campaign, Compare the life of a slave with that of a master with the Day in the Life tool, check out the historical sources

  8. Risks and Rewards Find out about investment and high finance. Risk £300million in the ‘Would You Invest?’ game. Look at the source material section and the resources for teachers

  9. Picture teller Upload an image, pan and scan round the image and add a narrative. Preview your presentation, save, embed in the result in a webpage. (Register yourself with a username and password on the site)

  10. Speech Maker Write and then record (with or without  video!) a speech. Experiment with  the autocue to regulate the speed of delivery. Mark the text with bold to indicate where to emphasise words...

  11. Clips Repository of videos produced by schools.

22/07/2013 15:31

summer holiday

Wishing everyone a fabulous summer holiday.

Keep that sun cream on and the hats in place and be safe.

Looking forward to an exciting September.

20/07/2013 13:40


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Congratulations to Andy Murray

Wimbledon Champion 2013

Tennis facts:

Fact 1:

Yellow tennis balls were used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1986.

Fact 2:

The fastest server in the women's tennis was delivered by Venus Williams who recorded a serve of 205 km/h.

Fact 3:

Henry "Bunny" Austin was the first player to wear shorts at Wimbledon in 1932.

Fact 4:

Every year, 24 tons of Kent strawberries are ordered for the Championships at Wimbledon.

Fact 5:

Wimbledon is the only major tennis tournament still played on grass.

Fact 6:

Margaret Smith Court holds the record with 24 Grand Slam singles titles.

Fact 7:

The first women to play in the Wimbledon tournament wore full length dresses.

Fact 8:

The game of tennis comes from Great Britain.

Fact 9:

Venus and Serena Williams became the first set of sisters to ever win Olympic gold medals in tennis.

Fact 10:

The first African American to win the US open was Arthur Ashe.


08/07/2013 11:03

Refugee Week

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refugee week

Refugee week

17 ─ 23 JUNE 2013


11/06/2013 09:38

Healthy Eating Week

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healthy eating picture

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) will be launching a Healthy Eating Week for all nurseries and schools.

The aim of the week is to further promote healthy diets (food and drink) and being more active, as well as improve the understanding of where food comes from and cooking (food and meal planning).

More details can be found here.

Have fun and get involved!

29/05/2013 13:17

Walk to School

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Walk to School Week – 20-24 May 2013

walk to work image

Take the challenge, be fit, stride out and walk to school for a week or

WOAW (walk once a week!)

Information for parents and here

Information and ideas for teachers (needs a TES login)

and here

09/05/2013 21:45

May Day


The first day of the May is called May Day. Hopefully, the weather begins to warm up and flowers and trees start to blossom and romance blossoms too.  It is when people celebrate the coming of summer in many different ways.

More information

12/04/2013 12:08

British Summer Time

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British Summer Time begins – 31 March 2013

British Summer Time (BST) is the civil time during the summer months in the United Kingdom during which the clocks are advanced from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) by one hour (UTC+1). The British Summer Time period begins on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of October. Though initially popular after its introduction in 1916, the practice now creates debate.

Could the UK work with two different time zones?

19/03/2013 15:18

Science Festival

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Get Science! Get to Cambridge!

Uploaded video Home page image

The Cambridge Science Festival is your opportunity to discover, question and take part in scientific activity at the University of Cambridge.

The 2013 Science Festival runs  between 11 and 24 March.

The Cambridge Science Festival programme is now available online.

It looks awesome!

10/02/2013 19:34

Safer Internet Day 2013

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Safer Internet Day 2013

Tuesday February 5th

08/01/2013 08:51

It's Cold

The Winter Solstice is on December 21st

Suprisingly that's the "first day of winter"!

The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year. It is exactly six months after the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The farther North you go, the fewer hours of daylight you will have.

If you go far enough North, there will be days when there is no sunlight at all. 24 hours of complete darkness.

In England's history the Soltice is really important
You can find out why in Wikkipedia or here

07/12/2012 11:42

December 2nd

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

02 Dec 2012

If you think slavery is "history" think again. It is one of the fastest growing global crimes.

People buying and selling other people.

That's bad.  

1.2 million children per year are bought and sold

Look at the United Nations website or Stop The Traffik

If you would like to learn about slavery, past and present, you can read our articles about the Transatlantic Slave Trade or Child Labour.

Lesson plans for teachers here on traffiking.

27/11/2012 19:08

Antibullying Week

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19th-23rd November. 2012

How You Can Make Bullying Unacceptable

Whether you’re 5 or 55, there is always something you can do to make bullying unacceptable.  Click here to find a range of activities, ideas, mini-missions and simple actions you can do by yourself that will really make a difference.

This comes from

If you're a young person  between the ages of 11-18,who is being bullied, or knows someone who is, you can get help right now with bullying by visiting the CyberMentors website.

Online Editor

31/10/2012 08:22

lots of links

05/10/2012 14:04