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Office 365

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If you are about to log may find you suddenly have a brand new feature...Office 365!


Office 365! Its amazing! You get:

  • to use Word, Powerpoint and Excel free online (great for teachers and pupils ...oh and something called "closing gaps"!

  • an amazing email and calandar system based on hotmail - but with an education address

  • Cloud storage on a skydrive. No more memory sticks (that's why they are so cheap in the shops now!)

Teachers - you should see it right under inbox, pupils it may be there or your school may have blocked it ask as it is not just about email access.

06/03/2014 10:07

Your space not my space

What do you want to see in this space? Send in your stories and pictures showing how you and your school are using Its Learning.

Let's share some of the fantastic things that are going on out there! Ask your teacher to email the Administrator and I'll put it here for all the Bedford Schools to see. (They will find details on the Bedford Borough dashboard).

04/10/2013 09:07


A number of schools will experience problems with emails whilst the emails are migrated to Office 365. When Office 365 is available it will be awesome! Its Learning sent out the following email some while ago:

Dear Customer,
As you may be aware Microsoft are replacing the Live@edu email service and replacing it with a brand new offering called Office365. To make sure all of our existing Live@edu customers benefit from this new service we will be upgrading all accounts over the next 6 weeks.      

Initially the migration will provide the same functionality as your current Live@edu service but with an updated interface.  We estimate that some interruption will occur the week commencing Monday 5th August and during this time you will be unable to access your email for a couple of days.

Within 3 months of this initial migration the look and feel of Office365 will alter again, but unfortunately we are unable to estimate when this will happen.    

We are working closely with Microsoft over the coming months to provide the options of online office apps and cloud-based share point solutions.    

If you have any questions about the migration please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 262 3500.      

Kind regards  

Steve Charlton

UK Service Director

itslearning UK

0121 262 3500

28/08/2013 14:39

Summer Planning

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Ideas for your summer planning  excellent websites for you and your students - lots of teacher resources when you log in to help you plan.

  1. Gallery copyright free images:

  2. Myths and Legends– local storytelling – pupils can share online and peer review

  3. Try the story creator at

  4. MuseumBox – 3D story telling for any topic

  5. Cookit – excellent for any “process” or ”instructions” not just cooking – for example science experiments or PE Look at the recipe section, the  History Cookbook, try some of the Activities

  6. Victorian Crime and Punishment www.vcp.e2bn.orgView a case study, search the database for, find out about crime and punishment in Victorian times

  7. The Abolition Project Use the tabs at the top to find out about slavery and the abolition campaign, Compare the life of a slave with that of a master with the Day in the Life tool, check out the historical sources

  8. Risks and Rewards Find out about investment and high finance. Risk £300million in the ‘Would You Invest?’ game. Look at the source material section and the resources for teachers

  9. Picture teller Upload an image, pan and scan round the image and add a narrative. Preview your presentation, save, embed in the result in a webpage. (Register yourself with a username and password on the site)

  10. Speech Maker Write and then record (with or without  video!) a speech. Experiment with  the autocue to regulate the speed of delivery. Mark the text with bold to indicate where to emphasise words...

  11. Clips Repository of videos produced by schools.

22/07/2013 15:31

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